Google Now offers personalized auditory news with new feature

Thanks to the Your News Update feature launched yesterday, Google Now will be able to share the most prominent news of the day with users. Your News Update compiles news from different publishers based on users’ interests and locations. Within the scope of the feature, Google Now will voice-activate the personalized news list it creates

Given that listening to podcasts is becoming increasingly common on public transport or traffic, google now’s audio delivery of news will appeal to users’ habits.

Audio News Product Manager Liz Gannes said in a statement that although she used the definition of “an extraordinary medium that transmits a large amount of information”, distribution technology is progressing more slowly than text and video. That’s why Google has made improvements in this area, Gannes added.

Google’s improvements include answering questions related to the topic. So instead of listening to all the news of the day, users can only follow the developments on what they’re interested in by asking, “What’s the latest on Brexit?”

In addition to this feature, Gannes says the company has developed a clear feature for audio stories that focus on a single topic. In this way, hours of broadcasts or podcasts will be able to listen to short clips in news format according to the topics.

Finally, when choosing news from Google Now’s Your News Update feature, let’s say that it pays attention not only to the location you live in, but also to the locations you’re interested in. It’s also worth noting that Google Now’s personalizations will become stronger in the future, taking into account the news you’re listening to and not listening to.

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