Google Now appears to listen to users without permission and record sounds

It was recently revealed that Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, was listening without permission. In the process, Amazon was dealing with serious problems, and now a similar problem has come from the Google front. According to a report by VRT NWS,a Belgian-based news source, Google’s voice assistant, Google Assistant, found that the audio recordings it collected were listened to by employees.

According to the VRT NWS report, Google has more than 1,000 audio recordings, 153 of which were accidentally recorded. These audio recordings include everyday conversations as well as unimaginable conversations. In fact, sometimes even voices can be heard when it comes to physical violence. VRT NWS also released these audio recordings as a video, focusing on Dutch and Flemish. This video also features a person who does not want to be named, proving the VRT NWS claims.

Technology companies, on the other hand, argue that recording voices is important for the development of artificial intelligence. Companies claim that these audio recordings are used to develop voice assistants. Let’s also mention that companies say their audio recordings are minimal. A Google spokesperson told WIRED that in the past, the audio recordings used to develop artificial intelligence were only 2 per thousand of the audio recordings received by users. Audio recordings were collected in a pool, the spokesman said, users’ personal information is not possible to share.

We don’t know how right it is to listen to people without permission, even though Google has made such statements.

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