Google Cloud’s annual revenue rises to $8 billion

Google CEO Sundar Pichai,who recently made important statements about Google’s cloud unit, said that Google Cloud’s annualrunrate is based on google cloud’s annual revenue-generating rate of over $8 billion. announced that it had arrived. Let’s add that arr is a measure of how much revenue Google Cloud will generate the following year. Of course, this ratio is calculated as summing that everything from Google Cloudwill remain exactly the same next year.

Google’s cloud unit includes the Google Cloud platform, a competitor to Amazon WebServices, and G Suite, a competitor to Microsoft Office. In February 2018, Google announced that Google Cloud’s ARR was at $1 billion per quarter, or $4 billion annually. In short, Google Cloud’s ARR has doubled in a year.

Let’s add that Google Cloud has been run by Thomas Kurian, who previously worked at Oracle for about 7 months. Thomas Kurian, who previously announced that Google Cloud would expand its sales team, also shared that they will triple their sales teams in the coming years.

Ruth Porat,CFO of Alphabet, Google’s roofing company, said That Google Cloud is the company’s third-largest company. he also shared that he was a source of income. When we look at cloud technologies, amazon is the market leader. In second place is Microsoft. Google, which is currently in third place, aims to generate more revenue from the ever-growing Google Cloud platform.

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