Google closes its own travel app, Trips

Google is pulling the plug on Trips, an app it launched in 2016, developed for people who frequently travel and like to travel. However, the company said in a statement that it would include the functional features of Trips in Google Search and Google Maps.

Support for the Trips app expires today, but information such as notes and saved locations will be available in Search as long as the user logs into their Google account. To find attractions, events and popular places in a geography, users will be able to search for their trip or go to the new and improved Travel page on Google. Please note that Google has launched a travel site in recent months that allows users to view previous trips and easily make plane and hotel searches.

Soon, users will be able to add and edit notes from Google Trips to the “Travel” section in a browser. They will also be able to find attractions, flights and hotels recorded for upcoming and past excursions. Searching for a destination on Maps or finding certain iconic locations can be made through guide lists, events or restaurants, the search tab in the app. Users who tap the menu icon will be able to view the places they have saved under the “YourLocations ” section.

Please note that soon Maps will also include upcoming bookings and that these reservations will be offline and the user will not need to download them. And let’s remind you that Google Trips was working offline. So the bottom line is that even though Trips is closing as an app, almost none of the features of the app will be lost and will appear in other ways.

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