Google Chrome lets you send web pages to other devices

This week, Google launched the new Chrome 77 browser update on windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms, including design changes as well as new features.

With the update, the ability to send a web page to the browser was added. With this new feature, you’ll now see a new pop-up that lets you send pages to other devices when you right-click on a web page link.

If you’re using Chrome on iOS, let’s just say that the Chrome app should be open and you should accept a small notification message. The feature is currently released in The Windows, Android and iOS versions of Chrome, but there is no improvement on the macOS side yet.

As you know, Chrome has long supported your tabs that have been open on multiple devices. With this new feature, Chrome allows users to switch between devices more quickly.

Let’s add that one of the highlights of Chrome 77 is the new site load indicators. Those who want to try new features can access the Chrome 77 update through the help menu.

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