Google agrees to France for 1 billion euros for tax investigation

Google,one of the most important companies in the world of technology, has signed with France to conclude a nearly 4-year tax investigation. Accordingto information shared by Reuters today, Google will pay France a total of 965 million euros.

According to shared information, 500m euros of the 965m-euro payment will be paid in taxes and 465m euros will be paid in extra taxes. To remind you, the French government launched an investigation about four years ago for failing to fully declare Google’s tax activities.

The investigation was completed with the agreement. Let’s also remind you that Google has had big tax issues for many years. Google, which has served all over Europe but has established its headquarters in Dublinto pay less tax, has therefore been the subject of controversy throughout Europe.

In addition to Google, Apple and other tech giants have long owned centres in Ireland that offer low tax rates to their companies, paying less tax. A spokesperson for Google said they had ended long-standing disagreements with the tax. Finally, in July of last year, google from the European Union was given a record 4.34 billion euro penalty.

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