Go champion Se-dol announces retirement after losing to DeepMind

Lee Se-dol, the South Korean Go champion, explained that his retirement was due to the influence of artificial intelligence. At this point, Go has been regarded as a game that even the most complex computer programs have not accessed for years.

Go’s reputation for the historic game, known for its complexity, was first damaged in 2016. Google’s artificial intelligence company DeepMind defeated Se-dol 4-1 with its AlphaGo AI system. While this defeat attracted global attention, artificial intelligence’s technology has proven to be much more powerful and more creative than ever before.

Se-dol, who topped the world’s Go in the late 2000s, thought he was going to beat AlphaGo, but lost and apologized to the South Korean people.

Lee Se-dol’s statement on the role of artificial intelligence in retirement decision sings the following sentences:

Let’s add that deepmind continues to develop artificial intelligence systems for Go after the tournament. The company that manufactured AlphaGo Zero in 2017 has taken AlphaGo’s capacity to a further level with this new version.

The artificial intelligence that defeated Lee Se-dol learned to play Go by studying a data set of more than 100,000 human games, while AlphaGo Zero improved its abilities by playing itself over and over again. Using powerful computer systems that enable him to play at superhuman speeds, AlphaGo Zero was able to play 100 previous games from scratch after three days of play.

Lee Se-dol has left his professional career behind, but continues to compete with artificial intelligence in his retirement. Se-dol is set to play south Korean artificial intelligence program HanDol in December. Let’s just say HanDol has beaten five of the best players in the country so far.

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