Gmail will alert you before emailing a colleague you don’t know is on vacation

Especially in corporate companies where employees are unaware of each other, serious problems can be experienced during the leave periods. A job that needs to be grown can exceed the timeline due to lack of planning and, as a result, the process can be interrupted. However, if it is known in advance who is on vacation and when, it is possible to take partial measures.

Gmailaims to avoid these problems with its new feature, which it plans to launch soon. From now on, if any of your colleagues are on vacation and added this holiday to the Gmail calendar, you’ll receive a notification before emailing them. This way you will be able to solve the work that needs to be done in different ways and you will not disturb your colleague on holiday. Gmail already has a holiday mode. However, the holiday mode as we know it is moving differently.

Gmail’s new feature will be available to Google Suite users. The warning will be right on top of the Send button. It will appear in the form of a little yellow banner that alerts the sender when you are out of the office and when you return. In addition to sending emails, someone will also receive a similar message if they try to send you a message in Hangouts. Let’s note that the new feature is related to the out-of-office functionality the company brought to Google Calendar last year. Let’s remind you from the beginning: out-of-office functionality automatically rejected all meeting requests for the window you were going to.

Let us point out that those who do not want to use the feature and who do not want to stay away from the office even during the holidays can turn it off. The feature is said to reach all G Suite users by September 16th.

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