GarantiOne mobile app closes on April 25

In October 2016, we told you that GarantiBank’s mobile banking service iGaranti,which was launched in 2013, changed its name to GarantiOne. According to reports today, Garanti Bank’s mobile banking service GarantiOne is endingits service.

Garanti Bank’s mobile application, Garanti Mobile application, according to the information we see garantione service will close on April 25. The GarantiOne app, especially for young people, has been launched as a mobile app for users between the ages of 18 and 25.

According to information shared by Garanti Bank, the vast majority of GarantiOne users also use Garanti Mobile. Garanti Bank, which aims to collect all its technological investment scoring at one point, therefore stated that it has decided to terminate garantione application, but it is understood that the value added to the services offered free of charge It’s not created.

Let’s add that GarantiOne users can access all their products and applications from Garanti Mobile. Users can log into Garanti One mobile with their existing GarantiOne customer numbers and passwords. You can find the full statement made by Garanti Bank below.

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