FTC hits Facebook’s plan to merge WhatsApp and Instagram

The Federal Trade Commission, which recently launched an antitrust investigation into Facebook for creating a market monopoly, is expected to rule against Facebook. With this decision, Facebook’s shares are down 4 per cent, while plans to merge the company’s app family could fail.

If you recall, last year Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would merge WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook for a new messaging app. Facebook has suggested that plans to merge apps are not to disable competitors or deflect laws, but to make them more convenient for users.

FTC officials think combining apps will make it harder to dismember Facebook in an antitrust case. Let’s add that Facebook has refused to comment on this.

Meanwhile, the 4 per cent drop in the company’s shares is not a new development for Facebook.  So far, the Federal Trade Commission, the Justice Department and regional prosecutors from different states have filed an antitrust suit against Facebook. Let’s just say that each case has an impact on Facebook shares.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Analytica case resulted in a $5 billion fine, leading to an increase in Facebook shares. Considering that the penalty price is not too heavy financially for Facebook, we can say that buyers are reassuring the company. Wall Street analysts say Facebook’s shares will rise 17 per cent over the next year, even though news of the case continues to be shaken by news of the case.

At this point, it is worth noting that the company’s stock price increased by 54 percent compared to the same period last year. he can’t stop his ascension.

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