From “Memes” to advertising stardom: The story of András Arató

A photographer who saw holiday photos of Hungarian electrical engineer András Arató on Facebook 10 years ago wanted to take a photo with Arató for use on stock visual sites.

Accepting this offer, Arató made a visual search a year after the photo shoot, and found that one of the photographs had been converted into a “Meme”. This meme, which users call “Hide the Pain Harold”, became more famous than expected due to arató’s sad look and smile in his eyes.

Arató, who thought that the photographs taken would only be used on businesses and websites, was surprised that one of the images had been transformed into “Meme”.

With the widespread spread of Memes around the world, journalists began to contact him to interview him, Arató said, adding that his wife did not like the situation. Arató’s wife, in addition to thinking that journalists interfered in their private lives, did not think that the statement used in Meme reflected András Arató.

According to Arató, people thought the image that turned into Meme was a image manipulated in Photoshop. Therefore, it is possible to say that the fact that the image belongs to a real person attracts more attention.

Seeing that it was impossible to prevent people from using Breasts, Arató decided to claim this identity against Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of followers claiming to be herself. In 2017, Arató created his own Facebook fan page and began sharing his trips with video and story format content on this page.

Arató, who was eventually offered a role in a commercial from a Hungarian car sales company, says his wife has also changed her mind about the Memes. In the first place, the German postal transfer company Otto, the British football site Dugout, the discount card used in England to write a song called Totum and Hide the Pain, the Hungarian rock band Cloud 9+ working with the reputation of Arató continues to grow.

Arató, 74, who said he made more than 20 flights to Europe, Russia and South America for business last year, seems to have made more than 20 flights to Europe, russia and South America. In the last 10 years, he’s managed to turn a smile that’s been the subject of Memes into a brand.

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