France announces new entrepreneurial-friendly policies

The programme, announced a few weeks ago by France’s minister for digital affairs, Cédric O, and to protect the rights of employees in initiatives, is expanding into a policy for France. In 2020, more than 25,000 jobs will be created in different positions in technology-oriented companies in France.

However, the most important development is the protection of the rights of employees who work for initiatives and have stock options. The system, referred to as the BSPCE (Bons de Souscription de Créateur d’Entreprise) in France, is taking steps to protect the rights of employees’ shares. In short, if the venture invests and shares are allocated to the employees, the values set by VC will not be based. Thus, investors, rather than control over the value of the distributed shares, employees held shares can be followed by a separate method of calculation and appraisal method. For example, the share option of someone who started the venture after the Investment of Seri A cannot be calculated at a low value. Thus, it will not be possible for employees to lose the value of the shares they own and hold.

French President Emmanuel Macron‘s new programme announced at the World Economic Forum, france’s new attitude towards entrepreneurs after that as an important indicator of the history of history. To tell you the truth, France is now becoming a more startup-friendly country.

France’s new policy facilitates entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Another of these is the abolition of the rule on the lack ofstock options for y-abanist ventures, which are not based in France. Now France-based employees will be able to buy stock options even if the company is not in France.

There are also significant developments in French Tech Visa. France will bring capabilities to France, with this new type of visa announced last year. Foreign companies with offices in France will be able to integrate employees from other countries more quickly with a quick visa.

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