Flowering Dowry Booty Model Construction

the construction of a floral dowry booty model woven with two skewers. For those looking for female booty making, we feature a video description of an easy booty sample made with skewers.

The path, which is knitted with number 3 skewers and booty ropes, starts at the nose. There is no stitch at the back of the path. This lady booty model with stripes and flowers can be used as dowry booties.

Dowry booty sharing is one of the most popular models. Which means the ladies are knitting the booties mostly for dowry preparation. Of course, dowry paths have to be chosen from the most beautiful models. For this reason, we share beautiful models for the ladies who are looking for the most beautiful booties. We also shared the production of a floral dowry booty model with video.

This very easy and stylish way to make this shoes as dowry and as a gift to your loved ones. I used half a swallow of rope in this booty model. I wish convenience to the friends who will do it.
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