Floral Beret Making

For girls, the flowers are crocheted and beret skewers to make with flowering beret. I share it for our friends who are asking about the making of the knitted beanie model. Those who want to knit baby berets can make a flowering model for girls. We shared the details of the construction of the beret, which looks great with the color flowers on top.

Lotus Real Shah informed us about the construction of the flowerberet model that our friend made and sold. We have contacted him and obtained permission to make berets and add pictures to our site. The appearance of the beret, which is woven with crochet flowers and skewers, is really beautiful.

Bere Yapılışı

If you want to place an order, you can contact us on the Instagram page.

Skewers are hard if you say I’m looking for a crocheted model, you can check out the subject. The model there is also an easy example of crochet.

The flowers are made with crochet. For the beret, number 3 and a half line skewers and snowball baby one rope were used. I started 10 stitches. I knitted 6 7 laws, 13 cm of tires. Then I knitted it straight up to the desired length, and then I knitted a noose and cut a noose, and the number of stitches decreased. I continued with the double tire, then cut it out in abundance after about 4 cm. I knitted flowers on each flat tire with each color separate. I cut it one by one and before the double tire, where I pulled a chain out of the shift. I wish you so much patience.

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