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RTB House, which provides the most advanced technology marketing solutions to the world’s largest brands, announced the developments achieved at with Snippet Ads, one of the first products of artificial intelligence marketing laboratory and creativity laboratory. Accordingly, flo, which stands out for its innovative approaches in the field of technology, has reduced costs per session and increased returns, thanks to both the product recommendation system and more dynamic and brand-specific ads. This makes digital advertising spending much more efficient.

FLO, the leading and leading store in the Turkish footwear industry, continues its digital investments unabated. In the first month of 2019, the volume of online sales exceeded 11 percent of the total sales, said Flo Merchandising Marketing Director Mustafa Kemal Temel, “The responsibilities of achieving an important turnover in the whole structure have led us to start new searches for digital advertising activities. We predicted that going beyond static images to deliver personalized ads that consumers desire would increase returns. Snippet Ads, developed by RTB House, has quickly made new traffic campaigns more effective thanks to AI technology and created an effective system that ensures better performance. The campaign helped reduce Google Analytics session costs by 55 percent and achieve 384 percent more sessions without needing further investment. Thanks to Snippet Ads, the click-through rate of ads (CTR) has increased by 72 percent,” said Snippet Ads.

Snippet Ads combines creativity with data for maximum impact to deliver the benefits of dynamic creative optimization (DCO), including large-scale personalized messages. DCO, which is available in a short HTML code format with different designs customized for the brands’ industries, and customizes it to test different messages; 2 to 3.5 times more clicks (CTR) against static banners was proven in A/B tests.

Snippet Ads, which is particularly effective in reaching new users, rtb house’s deep learning algorithms are used to quickly study the behavior of online users and page context (URL) and content in the main domain and subdomains it powers the personalization engine based on insights.

Snippet Ads can be used in a variety of ways by publishers, advertisers, or customers who have direct agreements with agencies that purchase ad stock using DSPs and Ad Servers. RTB House offers new creative imaging solutions and enables customers to use them to get the best possible results for their campaigns.

RtB House, known for its advertising purchasing engine powered by completely deep learning artificial intelligence, has begun to offer more comprehensive marketing solutions in many global regions where it serves customers such as Adidas, Sephora, Trivago and O2.

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