Firefox Premium, developed for businesses, goes on sale

Firefox,one of today’s popular internet browsers, has announced its new paid service, which can be used by businesses and the corporate world. Recently, with the new version of Firefox 3. we have toldyou that it will prevent party tracking cookies and crypto-mining.

Today, Firefox, which has developed Firefox Premiumfor businesses and corporate companies, will offer advanced support options for its users. Let’s also report that the free version of Firefox will continue to be available for both home and business use.

Firefox Premium, which will cost $10 at the beginning of the installation, will also offer its users a variety of benefits. Benefits firefox premium will offer include corporate customer portal, SLA management tool, proactive notifications of critical Firefox events, critical security error fixes with SLA, contributing to Firefox and roadmap he’s taking it.

The support and benefits of Firefox Premium, which help businesses customize, distribute, and manage Firefox installations, are extensive.

Firefox Premium, which will be a new revenue channel for Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, is also intended to make Firefox more attractive for businesses. Finally, let’s add that Firefox has launched a new service called “Firefox Private Network”to provide a safer internet experience.

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