Firefox 69, 3. party tracking cookies and crypto mining will prevent

One of today’s popular internet browsers, Firefox,came up with the new version of Firefox 69. The new version is available for free for Firefox, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems, which aim to take user security to the next level.

Firefox, which aims to increase the privacy and security of its users, will block third-party tracking cookies and crypto-mining by default with the new version. Let’s add that Firefox 69 has security features as well as improvements in performance and battery usage.

According to shared information, performance for the Windows 10 operating system has been significantly improved, while battery usage has been improved for the macOS operating system. According to mozilla,Firefox also has over 250 million active users.

Firefox, which has previously taken importance to the security of its users, offered a feature called enhanced tracking protection for its users.

With the release of Firefox 69, this feature will be available by default. In the blog post he shared, only 20 percentof his users have actively used the enhanced tracking protection feature so far, Mozilla said, offering the feature by default, allowing all of its users to they will also benefit from the feature.

Firefox, which first began beta testing for cryptomining prevention last April, was launched in May with the Firefox 67 version, which will optionally block crypto-mining. It had begun. In Firefox 69, it’s just like the third version. as with party tracking cookies, it will automatically block crypto mining.

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