Fiat Chrysler meets with Faraday Future and Seres for electric vehicle production

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) CEO Mike Manley, who said in October that other companies viewed vehicle production positively using electric vehicle technology, finally took action. FCA, which includes jeep and Dodge brands, has begun negotiations with Faraday Future and SF Motors, known as Faraday Future and SF Motors, to produce electric vehicles.

Faraday future sands and employees at Seres report that both companies are at different stages of negotiations. One former employee of Faraday Future said Faraday Future technologically renewed one of FCA’s vehicles, adding an electric power train to the vehicle. Employees also say the vehicle was taken to a driving test in October. Let’s add that the FCA has been in talks with Faraday Future since April. It is worth noting that the company’s enthusiasm for electric vehicle production began with Ford announcing that it had invested in the Rivian.

The FCA has asked seres, another company she is interviewing, to add an electric power train to its two vehicles. Seres CEO James Taylor sent an e-mail to employees on October 31st, saying much more is needed to turn the company’s demand into large-scale production. Taylor, on the other hand, stressed in the email that this demand reflects Seres’ capabilities, knowledge, strength and attractiveness of the product he offers continues to gain confidence on the OEMs side.

Both companies, which have recently been hit by financial crises and are going to downsize, can also benefit significantly from a production agreement with the FCA. Fiat Chrysler, on the other hand, prefers to remain silent about the deals. A Fiat Chrysler official said he would not comment on potential business dealings.

Manley said in October that their investment in electric vehicles would not reap the fruits until 2022. Therefore, it is possible to say that the company is far from the manufacturing process for the time being, however, the company’s cooperation with another electric vehicle company may bring this date forward. At this point, manley plans to expand electric vehicle technology to a wider scale by combining FCA and Peugeot.

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