Female Cowboy Shawl Making

For those who want to make knitted shawls, we shared the making of women’s cowboy shawls. After examining our shawl making topic, you can make knitted shawls.

We share a good example for ladies looking for knitting shawls. Our example is called the cowboy shawl model. We wanted to share with you this amazing example, which has been shared in a narrative way on the Mother’s Braids page.

In our previous writings, and we shared his writings. The example we shared this time is different from the others.

The narration and pictures are below. For those who can’t read the writings on the pictures clearly, I also wrote the description just below the pictures.

We’re throwing four stitches. We’re knitting the front and the flat back.

In the flat part of the 4 nooses, we make a node increment in each order at the beginning.

Note: Note that this will be done at each time of the freighter.

When our number of 4 stitches is 7 stitches, we knit 1 node from the opposite part and 1 entangler and cut 2 stitches. In the next order, don’t forget to increase 1 that will continue by stitching a noose on the lamp on the opposite side and cutting a noose.

If the number of stitches in front of the lamp is 5 pieces, I open the new abrasion as follows: 1 node ör 1 dola 2 cut 2 ör 1 dola 2 cut 5 cut 5 nodes. 1 on the flat is a 1-increment color.

Here, our second ajuris has been opened. Now, when the number of stitches in front of the same lamps is 5 stitches, the new lamp opens.

In this picture, the three blinds are formed to open.

The size of the horse is usually sufficient when 23 lamps are opened. After enough discarding, we begin the cutting process. Now the auction on your knees is over. The cut is starting. You’re cutting where you’re bidding.

In the cutting section, we now cut 2 nodes before the lamp and make 1 wrapper, which is shifted. Note: When there is 1 noose in front of the ajurun, we take 2 and close the agitation.

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