Felt-Based Knitting Women’s Shoe Making

After the boots and the boot, now the making of knitted shoes. Are you up for knitting felt-based booties that you can wear anywhere?

After the boot and the boot, we share the way shoes are made. Another very good example made with knitting. Shoes show us the beauties that can be made with knitting. You don’t know what’s going on. Baskets, mats, covers, clothes, knitting is used for many things.

She also shared a description of the shoe she shared on Ms. Nur’s page. Felt soles were knitted by buying from the @orgu_hayat page. Let’s go to the construction of felt-based pings.


I started 36 stitches with a number 4 skewer. I knitted 3 straight 3 inverted 1 straight 3 inverted 3 straight 12 harosha. I made 12 straight knits, 10 examples of augers in 10 rows. I adjusted his height by measuring his ankle. I drilled a hole in three buttons. I’ve knitted the last two rows of harosha.

I pierced the felt base with thin crochet. I’ve arranged for them to look at them.

I soaked twice in the same hole with the number 3 crochet nako diamond rope and knitted a frequent needle on the base.

I knitted three rows of needles on the edge.

I pulled the rope off his heel.  I started 10 stitches at the end. I knitted it up to the wrist.

I’ve often knitted needles on the sides. I finished the last wrist part with five rows of frequent needles.

I knitted the piece with crochet so that the buttons were sideways.

I put a lot of glue on the bottom and bottom of the felt, waited 2 3 minutes and glued it.

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