Felt Bag Making

Felt is a material that is most commonly used in handicrafts and do-it-yourself ideas lately, both economical ly. Everything can be done from felt to pencil to brooch, hat to vest and jacket. In today’s article, we will give information about the making and techniques of felt bags.

In our previous writings, we talked about how they were knitted. We also explained it with examples. Making bags out of felt is made using molds and measurements, unlike these. In knitting, measurements become important in making felt bags, from size to hand, from knitting to knitting. You must either mold the bags whose size you have already determined, or make new ones based on an existing felt bag model. Of course, you can make it unique by adding different details to yourself.

you can reevaluate your old materials. Here you can also use unfinished felt cut from the corner of the edge taken for different things. If you can’t use it in one piece, you can use the different parts by sewing them with thick ropes.

The technique of making bags from felt may vary according to size and model. Felt backpack models and felt handbag models are not made the same way. You have seen the stages of making stylish felt bag models in Derya Baykal programs or trt’s religious programs. Although tv shows are usually more difficult to make, today we have chosen to make a very simple and practical model for you. In the video below you can see how to make felt bags in a narrative.

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