Favorite of the Season Needle Oya Dowry Writing Headscarf Models

Have dowry preparers chose needle point writing models to put in their bundles? You can make articles by liking the examples on our site.

The people who are going to have a wedding prepare dowry. One of the essentials of dowry, writings look nicer when decorated with needle work. Anyway, women usually prefer needle points for writing edges. We, as handcrafted hobbies, have shared hundreds of writing votes on our site so far. We shared a narrative model, we included writings that you won’t find anywhere else. Now you have to write to fill out the dowry, and if you can’t decide which model to make, we’re helping you. Below you can choose from among the beautiful manuscripts we have shared and make needle-distracted manuscripts.

Make sure to choose the most beautiful models when making the manuscripts that are one of the must-haves in every young girl’s dowry. Needle work is a bit of a challenge. If you’re going to try, make the best model. These manuscripts are sold by women on the market for an average of 30-40 TL. If you don’t know how to do it or don’t want to deal with it, you can buy it from friends who do it. If you trade, you will not sell for prices less than 30 or 40 TL. Because needle work is a work-intensive job. It tires the eyes of the ladies and makes a lot of effort. Meticulously made manuscripts look very stylish on the head.

The manuscripts added to our site are not for sale. IT IS INTRINSIC and has been added for visual purposes only.

If these manuscripts are not enough for you, you can check out the manuscripts we’ve added before on the page.


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