Favorite of Dowry 4 RingEd Color Needle Point Model

Ayse’s needle work sharing today’s model of 4-ring needle work model. The pinpoint, which is one of the rings, is made with video.

For a long time, we have been including the needle work of Ms. Ayse on our site. We share the videos she posted with the permission of Ms. Ayse on our site. In this way, it also benefits itself when the number of videos is watched. Visitors to our site learn about needle points when they watch videos.

Today’s narrated needle work model consists of a four-ring edging. Four rings are used in each of the two. Ms. Ayse made yellow and red rings and sewed them on the edge of the tulle. You can, of course, choose colors according to your own taste and make the rings accordingly.

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our shares will continue. We will continue to include the narrative votes that Ms. Ayse posted on her channel. He demonstrated the model of ringed needle point as an audible expression in 14 minutes. You can learn how to do it by starting the video below.

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