Facebook will hide its likes after Instagram

We recently told you that Instagram is taking action to hide the number of likes on the platform. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has also announced that it is preparing to test the removal of likes from its platform.

Jane Manchun Wong, known for discovering hidden features in apps, found that Facebook is also testing the ability to hide The Number of Likes in the Android app. Facebook has confirmed that they are preparing to test how to remove the number of Likes from the platform.

Please note that this method, which is used to prevent users from comparing themselves to others, is currently being tested on Instagram in 7 different countries. Facebook, however, prefers not to share details about the testing process on both its platform and Instagram.

However, we can say that Facebook will conduct a gradual testing process, just like on Instagram. Instagram launched the test version in Canada in April and launched the test version in Breziya, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland and Japan in July.

Facebook may be trying to protect its users from negative impacts on social networks by adding this new feature to its platform, which it has begun testing on Instagram. The company has previously enabled users to monitor the time spent on the social network by broadcasting the Movements feature on both platforms in order to make them feel good about themselves.

On the other hand, social networking giant Facebook is not alone in this regard. Because many social networks, especially young people, are trying to prevent them from feeling bad, easily accessing negative content and publishing suicidal content. Twitter, for example, has begun testing in recent months to hide retweet numbers behind a second touch. Although it lags behind in competition with Instagram, Snapchat, a favorite of US teenagers, does not show the number of likes and likes in any way.

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