Facebook opens search ads to advertisers

Facebook, which began testing search ads last year, announced that it has launched the feature for all advertisers. Thanks to the feature, advertisers will be able to run ads in Search Source and Marketplace search results.

Facebook search engine ads will be available to users during searches for the e-commerce, retail and automotive industries. Let’s add that ads will only show on mobile.

Facebook Product Management Director Nipoon Malhatra said in a statement that advertisers and users find ads in search results valuable, so they make search engine ads available to a wider audience expressed.

If you want to try this new ad model, you can choose Automatic Ad Spaces for News Feed ads. You can also choose Facebook Search Results when you create a News Feed ad through The Ad Manager.

In the meantime, search results ads are not a standout as an option. Therefore, advertisers who want their ads to appear in search results should use News Feed ads.

Targeting ads that will appear in search results is based on the relevant keywords used in searches, as well as the person-based targeting options chosen by the advertiser.

Let’s add that keywords are determined by Facebook, not the advertiser.  When determining these keywords, Facebook takes into account ad features such as ad text, product, category, title, and description.

In fact, Facebook first tried sponsored results in 2012 and ended this ad model in 2013. After a year of testing, the company decided to revive search ads, thus diversifying advertising revenues and strengthening brands’ competition on the platform.

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