Facebook “fraud” case: Video inflates ad views by 150 percent to 900 percent

The discrepancy in Facebook Ad metrics, which has previously caused brands such as Adidas to stop video ads on the platform, has now been raised by other advertisers.

Several advertising agencies in the United States came together to accuse Facebook of inflating numbers on how time users watch videos. As part of the case, the parties sat in the deal, while Facebook offered to pay $40m to advertising agencies to eliminate the allegations.

“Averageimaging measurements are not only 60 percent to 80 percent; 150 to 900 percent inflated. ” is the statement.

Facebook, which is facing allegations of unfair competition law, breach of contract and fraud within the scope of the case, is actually taking these measurements in deciding to buy advertising time by appealing the damages that advertisers claim He asked if they trusted him.

Facebook continues to say the case is unfounded, although the parties have reached an agreement. If the case went on, the plaintiffs are also said to be able to get between $100 million and $200 million in damages.

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