Facebook changed tagging feature after FTC penalty

After the $5 billion fine he paid to the Federal Trade Commission, Facebook changed its labelling feature, which was one of its features from the very beginning. Thanks to this change, which was made as of Tuesday, Facebook will no longer recommend tagging its friends in uploaded photos.

As part of the change, only users who have opted for Facebook’s facial recognition option will be greeted with tagging suggestions for photos they may have taken part in. Please note that tags will be added to the photos if you consent.

Until now, when you upload a photo to Facebook, the social network has automatically suggested tagging your friends in the photo. Facial recognition technology used in the photographs was also the subject of criticism during the Cambridge Analytica crisis and GDPR sanctions.

With this change, Facebook transfers control to users instead of automatically using software that can recognize users. The role of the FTC agreement cannot be ignored. Because, in addition to the agreement, Facebook has any facial recognition software, apart from any “privacy policy”, “data policy,” “notice ofrights and liability” page, or similar document. was forced to communicate its use“clearly and remarkably”.

In short, Facebook now has to explicitly obtain users’ permission to use facial recognition software. If you agreed to use this software, please note that Facebook uses the data it collects for photo tagging and identity protection.

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