Facebook boosts parental controls in Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids, which Facebook released in 2017 for the use of children aged 6-12, has increased parental controls. Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Director of Global Security, Messenger Kids, said it allows children to step into the digital world under the control of their parents.

Messenger Kids allows parents to control the process while communicating with friends and family, while having a fun experience with filters and stickers. In Messenger Kids, kids can’t access features like hiding or deleting content while making fun videos with camera features and decorating photos.  So parents can easily control children’s interactions.

As part of the new features added, parents will be able to see who their children are talking to instantly, including video chat and messaging. In 30 days, he’ll be able to see how often his children communicate.

Likewise, with new features, parents will be able to access the list of people their children are blocked from the Parent Panel. The content that children complain about will also be on this panel together because of the complaint.

Parents will now be able to exit devices through the Parent Panel by viewing devices that children have opened Messenger Kids.

Finally, parents can download their children’s Mesenger Kids information through the Parent Panel. This feature, which came to the Facebook app as part of the GDPR compliance process in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, appears to be the one that has been used to be the first time that the now it goes for children’s data.

The data that parents will download will include the child’s contact information and messaging, as well as images sent and received.

Morgan Brown, Product Management Leader at Messenger Kids, said that since 2017, they have worked with parents, children and experts to make the product better operational.

Let’s remind you that an error in Messenger Kids last year paved the way for thousands of children to communicate with unapproved users.

Privacy advocates said at the time that Messenger Kids and Facebook “collect children’s personal informationwithout verifiable parental consent or without making clear and complete statements to parents about Facebook’s data practices; He had argued that he violated the COPPA, the Child’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

With these new features released, the company is trying to show parents that Messenger Kids is a safer place. But as we all know, it’s not possible to talk about data security on social networks.

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