Facebook attracted all the attention on social media with the new logo change

Facebook announced yesterday that the new logo design was ridiculed on social media with FACEBOOK. Mark Zuckerbeg’s “New Company Logo” logo, introduced only in capital letters drew attention. The logo also switches between Facebook’s corporate colors of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook’s CMO Antonio Lucio described the new logo in these words:

We’re introducing a new company logo, and furthermore, we’re even more distinguishing Facebook from the Facebook app that will protect its brand. The new brand is designed for clarity and uses custom typography and capitalization to create a visual distinction between the company and the application. “


After this new logo design, which seems to have been left open with caps lock, social media users began to tweet mocking Facebook.

Facebook almost shouted with this new logo, users, the company’s platform, instead of solving problems criticized the focus on renewing the brand image. People who associate Facebook with Trump’s use of social media have also criticised the company’s inconsistent attitude towards political ads on its platform.

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