Facebook and Instagram remove comments from platform containing “insinuated” emojis

Facebook and Instagram have announced that they will remove comments from their platform that include emojis for sexual innuendos. Emojis such as eggplant, peaches and water drops are among the emojis that have caused comments to be removed. According to Facebook’s new Community Standards, these emojis are used in a contextually specific way and for sexual issues in general.

Under the new community standards, Facebook and Instagram will mark users who request or place “indirect or indirect” content linked to gender, nudity, or sexuality.

Users who have tried to express certain terms with emojis until now are thought to have a hard time using emojis after that. Facebook and Instagram were criticized for censorship, especially by artists, while people who would use emojis also came under scrutiny.

On the other hand, considering that the same emojis are sent to users by malicious individuals and users are harassed, the company’s new community guidelines are an important step towards keeping the platform cleaner. We can say.

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