Eyelash Towel Edge Lace Construction

Lace with eyelashes for towel edges is here in Turkish video. Would you like to know the model of towel edge with eyelashes that we have published the construction stages?

We started sharing towel edges. For those who want to make towels, we will try to help with the edge laces we have published. You will have easy access to dozens of narrative models together with the other towel edges that we publish on our hobbies site.

Kirlikli Dantel Yapılışı

Towel-edge laces are laces made with crochet or needle point. These laces and towels are decorated and prepared. So the towels look nicer and more stylish. The edges of towels adorned with crochet and needle point from many years to the present day look more elegant. Decorate the towels, which are a must for our dowry, with crochet or needle stick laces.

Kirpikli Havlu Danteli

You need to know a needle or crochet for towel edge lace. If you want to know, the narrative models we publish will help you. For the construction of eyelash towel edge lace, we start by pulling 30 chains to make the edge band of the towel first. All other details are in the video below.

Kirpikli Oya Modeli

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