Exclusive playlist for you and your pet from Spotify: Spotify for Pets

Spotify,which established a throne in the hearts of its users with its lists at the end of last year, now comes up with a more interesting playlist algorithm. Spotify users will be able to create special playlists for their pets with Spotify for Pets.

You’ll need to be logged on to Spotify via the browser to take advantage of Spotify’s new feature. Then you click on this link and you choose your pet. For now, there are only the choice of cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and iguanas. Once you’ve chosen your pet, you’ll find four different stages. Accordingly, you select your selections in a right and left sliding way and you get to the final stage, and at this stage you specify the name of your pet. After a few seconds of waiting time, your playlist is ready.

Once your list has been prepared, it’s added directly to your playlists because it looks prepared by you, and you can change the image to make a playlist photo photo of your own pet. Let’s say that songs on the lists are usually chosen from the names you listen to. The list prepared for me was generally composed of songs That I knew and listened to, and since the mode of this list was shaped according to my options, I can say that it was presented to me exactly what I wanted.

Spotify’s feature is a fairly simple algorithm, but it’s enough to make pet owners happy. When we look at the social media reactions, it is possible to say that those who have animals other than cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and iguana are a little offended about this. However, check out Spotify for Pets for lists that suit your taste and enjoyment. You can also find the sample playlist below.

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