Examples of Basket Models from Combed Rope

Comb rope basket making and samples are one of the most popular topics of recent times. We first saw the comb ropes in the weaving of mats, tiny carpets and rugs. We used mats in our homes where the leftover comb pieces from the making of t-shirts and similar combs were made together. These mats, which were very popular at one time, became obsolete over time. Then these materials became special knitting ropes that could be used just like a rope.

You can do a lot of things with these ropes that reproduce quickly because they are thick. You can make a square basket out of comb rope. Even in the form of oval, round, rectangular or triangular, making baskets is also possible. Triangular basket models are not a very preferred model in home decoration. The most popular new models are the oval ones.

Examples of these baskets, which are quite easy to make, can also be found in stores. The prices of baskets made with comb rope vary depending on where they are sold, but if you have time, we recommend you do it yourself. Because these products are very easy to make. Comb ropes, which are a thick rope, should use with special skewers that are quite thick. If you’re wondering how to make a basket with comb ropes, you can check out our basket-making article from the Comb rope. Once you know how to do it, you can also find dozens of sample models in our gallery that you can get inspired by.


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