Example of wavy mountains knitting model baby vest

We shared the numbers of the example of the wavy mountains baby vest. We have shared in detail the number of stitches of roba, arms and roba gold in this article.

If you want to knit a vest, we’re here with a vest called the sequential mountains. One of the most beautiful vests on elaydi_knitting. This example is for 1.5-year-olds who are shared on pictures with the number of stitches. If you’re going to do it for small and large kids, you can discard more or less stitches.

Roba production for age/1 and a half years…  nako luxury minnosh. Skewer number three.

Now I started 90 stitches, knitted 5 rows of harosha (I opened the button hole during the 4th harosha)
1st row: 8 edge harosha, 1 dole, 2 straight, 1 dop, 2 straight continue
Let’s knit the 2nd, 4th row all upside down
Let’s knit 3, 5 rows straight
6,7, 8, 9 and 10th row harosha knitting
11th place 1 dop, 3 straight, 1 dop, 3 straight,
Let’s knit upside down in 12, 14 rows
Let’s knit straight in 13, 15 rows
16, 17, 18, 19, 20 during the harosha knitting, this shape will increase 2 more times… Let’s finally knit 5 rows of harosha and finish our roba… Separations 41 prevents 64 arms 75 back… A total of 285 stitches…

It’s over in the arms of our vest.

Happy days to everyone. I ran out of cardigans, but I took the buttons and sewed them up.

Want a more elegant, more beautiful, easier model? Then look at the models we’ve shared on the page. Don’t make a baby vest in your eyes. There are very easy and simple models, so don’t think I don’t know how to knit. If you look at the video narrations, even those who don’t knit can easily do examples.

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