Example of the future of 5G in automotive: BMW and Samsung

We recently shared with you the new autonomous and electric vehicles that many well-known car manufacturers, including BMW, will introduce at CES. IN addition to the vehicles it introduced at CES 2020, BMW also announced plans to become the first luxury car manufacturer to offer 5G connectivity in a mass-produced model. Check out our report on 5G’s role in the automotive industry at webrazzi insights at the end of last year.

The company made the announcement in partnership with Samsung and its subsidiary Harman. The statement also mentioned efforts to bring autonomous technology to a wider audience and to make an car as comfortable as a living room.

We can say that BMW’s announcement was made to prevent many vehicles introduced at CES, including sony vision s, and sitting on the agenda.

In the meantime, the innovative iNext concept, which will be in production until the first half of 2021, will stand out as BMW’s first 5G-enabled model. Klaus Fröhlich, head of the company’s engineering division, said 5G technology will be gradually introduced to the entire model portfolio in the early 2020s.  Nevertheless, let’s add that integration will vary depending on the model and the region in which it was built.

5G compatible cars will run on an internal SIM card. This allows drivers to benefit from the technology even if they don’t have a 5G-enabled smartphone in their pockets.

Developed 5G components jointly for bmw and Samsung’s automotive use for 5G compatible vehicles. BMW’s engineers are working to integrate the manufactured components directly into the car’s electrical system. Although the integration process is an expensive process, managers think they can convert their investments into revenue relatively quickly by providing digital services to customers.

Bringing 5G to vehicles offers a range of options, from playing games in a car to virtual reality experiences and even broadcasting movies in up to 4K resolutions. However, it is possible that these options are paid for. For example, car owners can get a movie subscription or take advantage of games for a certain period of time.

With autonomous vehicles starting to take place in our daily lives, 5G technology can be positioned as the most prominent feature in vehicles.

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