Etamine Work Seccade Models

Etamine work, also known as cross-stitch prostrate models. We shared the most beautiful lye samples made with different handcrafted techniques.

Now let’s go back a little bit with you, the old house. If we walk our eyes in the mansions, houses and mansions of twenty thirty years ago… We don’t see cross-stitches on one side of which. Or in a tiny neighborhood house in a corner, whether rich or poor, it’s found in almost all of them, cross-stitch. Some are less and some are too. Some of them have curtains, tablecloths, pillows, bed spreads, cots, canvas, some are adorned from head to toe, color color, pattern pattern cross-stitches aka etamins. Our elders have transplanted many flowers into their veils. The ends of the white pathway are always adorned with cross-stitches. Some pulleys, some with etamine needles. Some have thrown thinner crosses on delicate glands, some are thicker. But in the end, they’ve all become indispensable to our ladies. When we open the dowry chests, the cross-stitches were the first things we saw. In fact, if you’re hungry today, you’ll find cross-stitch specimens that have still lost nothing in the color of time, when our grandmothers and mothers thought it was a dowry. Especially bedroom sets are indispensable cross-stitches in those days.

So what changed when times changed? The passion and curiosity of the ladies of cross-stitches has never changed. Those who say that everything has changed nowadays can’t stop us from kanawing our mothers and daughters-in-law. They made up their cross-stitch, which was already processed and carefully put into a corner, with new-style combinations. Maybe we might even say that their use has expanded. In towels, bedrooms and dive sets began to appear applicated pattern pattern models. Especially there’s another place where cross-stitch escarping is used, and we’ve transplanted those cross-stitches into our hearts. Prostrates… The most beautiful cross-stitch models have come out of the hands of skilled ladies. For us, the spiritual value of prostrate is also very great, after all. Cross-stitch samples are in a separate place in the hearts. Our young girls have prepared the most beautiful models of etamin prostrate for their dowry. Nowadays, the indispensable examples of the groom’s bundles are these etamine prostrate examples. Not only flowers, birds, motifs, but also sacred places such as mosques and Kaaba were processed in these prostrate seintons and filled the eyes. Come and take a look at these beautiful etamin prostrate templates and cross-stitch samples.

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