End-of-year data of Girls Asking in 2019 with 1.7 million questions [infographic]

Contrary to its name, the platform where both men and women come together to ask each other questions, help and exchange ideas on almost everything, girlsask, announced data for 2019.

In 2019, 212,000 different users asked 1.7 million questions. 1 opinion and comments were written every 2 seconds, while a total of 39 million opinions and comments were shared. Each question asked was written with an average of 12.8 opinions, while for each question, an average of 9 opinions came from the opposite sex. Girls Who share 1 every 2 seconds, ask users also prepared 42 thousand surveys. These polls cast 20 million votes. 3,000 users published 14,000 articles on topics they rely on their experience and knowledge. 227 women, 147 male phenomena 3772 in my opinion (article), 2298 surveys, 38 thousand 855 questions and 920 thousand 118 opinions shared.

23 percent of users in Turkey visited Girls Ask 539 million times. Visitors spent 2.7 million hours on the site. The maximum time girls ask received the most visits were 21:00 and 22:00. The number of visitors online at the same time reached 8,500.

In GirlsAsk’s mobile app, 95,000 active users shared 24,120 shares a day.

Girls who earn Xper points as they share, users of The Question, spent these Xper points and participated in the platform’s fundraising campaigns. On The Day against Violence Against Women, Animal Protection Day, Eid al-Adha, Xper made donations with xper points, planted trees with the Theme Foundation, donated books.

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