Embroidered Seccade Samples

We’ve shared samples of handmade embroidered dowry prostrate. You can check out tulip patterned, etamine processing dowry prostrate patterns here.

One of the most common things that women do in the work of etamine is the models of etamine prostrate. In addition, prostrates are processed with different patterns. Tulip-patterned prostrates, for example, are one of the most widely used models. Prostrates are made with patterns processed on fabric. Special needle rope and fabric made with prostrates are placed in dowry bundles. You can choose a pattern from the models we share as souvenirs.

Below are dozens of prostrate patterns. If you’re going to do a prostrate, you can get an idea of the prostrate selections here. We shared the most preferred prostrate patterns. All models are excerpts. Health in the hands of friends who do.

Çeyizlik Seccade Örnekleri

I hope you like the prostrate models that come between the essentials of the dowry. For example, the blue prostrate below is easy and simple to make. If you’re just starting out, you can do it from this model. Then you can start more embroidered examples by improving yourself.

Çeyizlik Seccadeler

Tulip-patterned prostrate model is one of the most made examples. You can choose the tulip-patterned one if you are going to make a floral prostrate. The picture below also features some very beautiful models.

Desenli Seccadeler

The ladies make these prostrates as handcrafted as a result of long efforts. How beautiful do you see these prostrates made in exchange for a lot of work? You’d better do it yourself instead of going and buying prostrates that you don’t know what it is and what pattern it is. Lately, the pilgrimage sign has been placed on the prostrate. Please be careful if you’re going to buy it.

El işi seccadeler

The patterns made on black fabrics look more prominent and eye-catching. If you look at the black prostrates below, you’ll see that the patterns on them are manifesting themselves.

El yapımı seccadeler

The samples we shared were only visually shared to you. There is no sale. We do not sell prostrate on our site. If you want to buy, there are a whole world of people who are dealing with this business and selling buildings, and you can reach them on Facebook and Instagram. You can order for women who do dowry handicrafts by recording and sending a picture of the model you want.

Hediyelik Seccadeler

And we’re at the end of our prostitution. Can you report your favorite prostrate models by writing a comment below? We will learn your tastes and share new models accordingly.

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