Embroidered KnitBaby Blanket

Dear ladies, in order to make blankets for your babies, our site has been shared the construction of embroidered knitted baby blankets.

You can knit blankets for babies with your own hand. If you know anything about knitting, you can make beautiful baby blankets. Crochet and skewers and knitted baby blankets can be made.  it was one of the most popular examples. After this exchange, we had visitors who asked us to share knitted baby blankets. We started to publish on our site the construction of beautiful knitted baby blankets which we have chosen as handcrafted hobbies.

In this video video, we show how the skewer and blanket are made. Get your rope and skewer ready and start the video for this blanket sample that has been processed. Learn how to do it and make blankets for the babies.

When we start the example, we throw the noose and then we knit one straight, the other 7 nooses in reverse warfare. Then we then we weave one flat 7 noose upside down. When we get to the last row, we’re knitting one straight again.

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