Embraer agrees with Elroy Air to produce cargo drones

EmbraerX, a subsidiary of Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer focused on innovation, has entered the field of autonomous air cargo transportation with an important agreement. EmbraerXwill start operating in this field under an agreement with San Francisco-based drone manufacturer Elroy Air.

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, which mostly caters to short-haul flights with the Embraer brand and sells passenger planes to local airline brands, is interested in drones just like its major competitors, Boeing and Airbus, to exist in the market. Embraer, which is an important partner for autonomous air transportation, will try to be a prominent figure in the air cargo transport market with drones that can land and take off vertically and do not need the airport.

Using a drone already developed by Elroy Air, Embraer will make a significant contribution to the project using its aerospace brand and experience. Founded in 2016, Elroy Air already features a cargo drone model capable of electric, vertical landings and takeoffs.

The initiative, called The Chaparral, has a cargo capacity of between 114 and 227 kilograms and has a range of about 500 km. Elroy Air, which conducted test flights in the summer of last year, has now managed to get the wind of a major brand that produces aircraft such as Embraer. Embraer, who has taken visionary steps in aviation and air transport, seems to continue to make partnerships and acquisitions that will contribute to his vision as part of his work under the name FlightPlan 2030. The company’s partnership with this US drone initiative is a good example.

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