Embossed Heart Drops Knitting Model Construction

Ananal video of the knitting model with heart-patterned fluffy drops. You can find the construction of this beautiful knitting model, which is a skewer knitting model, here.

A beautiful knitting model that can be knitted in skewers, which can be knitted very easily, and which can be knitted with baby knits next to blankets, ladies and baby vests.

The embossed knitting model is decorated with motifs of drip-shaped hearts. The motifs consist of 8 stitches and 12 rows. After 12 rows are completed, the motif will appear. Ladies looking for models for shawls and vests can use it.

As the weather is hot, the number of knitting ladies is decreasing. For the ladies who knit for 4 seasons, the situation is not the same. Because every time they see a beautiful model, they knit it. They’re evaluating it because it’s made in summer weaves. If you are going to make a new knitting, we recommend that you evaluate this model. Ladies like me who always love hearty braids can do it.

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