Elon Musk sat on the agenda with his dance at the launch in China

Elon Musk, who came to the agenda with the breaking of the Tesla Cybertruck window, which should not have been broken during his previous weed-drinking podcast and promotion, came to the fore with his dance at the launch in China.

After performing at the launch, Musk started dancing and taking off his top, and threw his jacket at the audience. Tesla CEO, who shared the dance video at the launch on Twitter with the phrase “At Tesla Giga Shanghai NSFW!!”, made a reference to the strip show with the joke not to open at work (NSFW).

Musk, who has not hesitated to manage perceptions with his twitter statements so far, i think he shares his extraordinary situations to maintain their up-to-date ness on social networks. Musk, who attracts the attention of the younger audience by “meme” ing his own behavior, is both gaining a place in internet terminology and continuing to increase his interaction.

However, the introduction of more Elon Musk instead of products prevents users from focusing directly on vehicles.

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