Elon Musk confuses his followers with bee emoji tweets

Those who follow Elon Muskon Twitter will know that Musk often tweets what we might call a bouncer. The famous businessman can sometimes explain the innovations of his own companies through social media through such sharing. As it is, musk’s followers can start looking for meaning under every tweet he makes.

Musk, however, has been exaggerating a little lately. Because when we look at the Tesla CEO’s Twitter account, it’s like we’re walking around the botanical park, and there’s a lot of bees. So much bee sharing is causing elon Musk, who has about 30 million followers, to be confused. Some followers see these shares as a sign that Tesla can prepare a Model B or something like that. The fact that the word “bee” in English is “bee” causes this confusion. But to put it personally, Elon Musk only shares because he’s having fun on Twitter.

From Teletubbies, a television series for children, to Queen Elizabeth, many people have received their share of bee emojis. Elon Musk shared a photo of Teletubbies and wrote “Teletub ? “, placing Queen Elizabeth in the Teletubbies universe and sharing “Queen ?”.

Tesla and the CEO of SpaceX are known to actively use social media. Let’s also remind you that in the past there have been more extreme consequences. Musk was subsequently forced to pay a $20 million fine and resigned as Chairman of Tesla for three years.

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