Electric scooter venture Lime launches weekly subscription model with a price of $5

Electric scooter initiative Limelaunches weekly subscription model for $5 a week. LimePass’s new weekly subscription plan, which allows users to unlock unlimited locks for electric scooters and bicycles, has been announced as LimePass. Note that LimePass has been available as a beta by some U.S. users since May.

Let’s just say that LimePass will be available in the United States from today and in Australia and New Zealand starting in the beginning of January.

Using Lime with LimePass, which costs $4.99 a week in most U.S. cities, can be considered free after 5 uses per week. Because scooters are charged for single use for $1. To activate LimePass, simply tap the menu icon in the top left corner and follow the instructions afterwards. For now, LimePass is not automatically renewed, so the user must pay manually through the app every week. Let’s also note that drivers still have to pay a usage fee of about $0.15 per minute. So those who use LimePass more than five times a week are going through a profitable situation in every way.

Lime, based in San Mateo, is one of the first micromobility companies to offer weekly subscriptions. In general, however, subscriptions are an increasing trend in the urban mobility spectrum, and both Lyft and Uber now offer monthly subscriptions. In fact, Uber is currently trying a subscription model, all in one, including car transportation, food delivery and bike/scooter rides.

According to Lime, almost half of their drivers use this service to commute to work or school. This means that limePass will help each one save at least $5 a week, thinking they’re using lime scooters or bicycles to move both directions during the week.

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