Electric car concept from Sony: Sony Vision-S

Japan-based technology giant Sony, known for its televisions, cameras and smartphones, came up with a very interesting news. Sonyunveiled its first car model at CES 2020,one of the world’s most important technology-focused fairs in Las Vegas.

Let’s add that the Sony Vision-S sedan developed by Sony is an electric model. Sony Vision-S is Sony’s electric concept car and features a total of 33 different sensors. According to information shared by Sony, the development of the car was also collaborated with major companies such as Bosch, Continental, Genetex, BlackBerry QNX, Magna and Nvidia.

Sony is very ambitious about sound and uses a technology called “360-degree Reality Audio” that allows you to experience 360-degree audio for the Sony Vision-S. Sony’s introduction of an electric car also reveals the company’s vision for the future. Sony, which has previously produced parts from smartphones and sold it to the entire market, aims to become the most important manufacturer of parts in autonomous and electric cars in the future.

We see that many technology companies have somehow produced products for the autonomous and electric car market. To remind you,we’ve also told you that Apple has been working on a driverless car model in recent years.

Of course, sony’s main goal is not to enter the car market. The Vision-S, which is now a concept car, will never be available. Sony’s vision-s model mainly aims to sell Sony products in the car to other car companies.

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