Eid Al-Adha Wonderful Strawberry Needle Oya Model Making Headscarf To The Edge of Writing

We are here with a very stylish strawberry needle point errand model that you can use during the holidays. For the ladies who are curious, this beautiful needle point modelprepared with 3 color yarn, the headscarf, the writing edge is very fond ly cloveed and we are sure to use it with great appreciation.

Polite and elegant strawberry needle point, it is possible to watch the model from the video we publish below and easily make the headscarf on the edge of writing.

Bayramlık Şahane Çilekli İğne Oyası Modeli Yapılışı Başörtüsü Yazma Kenarına

Before you start the needle point model, you prepare the crochet of your writing as usual. In the second row, you process a shim in six giraffes.

We strongly recommend knitting for your dowry and bundles with a needle point model with a wide range of strawberry motifs. Make it easy for all of you already.

Thank you for this beautiful needle point model that Zuleyha has prepared for crochet and needle work on the Youtube channel. Subscribe to the youTube channel for support and don’t forget to like it.

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