Ecosia, an environmentally friendly search engine, has been down 1150 per cent more after the Amazon fire

Last week, on the agenda of the world, the Amazon rainforest fire was on the agenda. Most of brazil’s rainforest was destroyed in the fire. This situation, which makes people sad even when you put into words, causes a change in balance for technology companies.

Ecosia,the search engine that google can call an environmentally friendly competitor, has increased by 1150 per cent in one day on daily downloads for the search app and browser extension, due to public concern sparked by the Amazon rainforest Reached. At first glance, Ecosia looks like a normal search engine. However, the company allocates 80 per cent of revenue from search ads to planting trees. In short, Ecosia operates as a non-profit organization.

Let’s just say that the company, which has been serving for ten years, has not gone from scratch into a search engine with software, and is working in partnership with Microsoft’s search engine Bing to strengthen search results and display ads. The company spends much of its profits on tree planting projects in countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Ecosia says she has planted more than 65 million trees so far.

Ecosia’s installations accelerated on Thursday (August 22nd), the company said, adding that Amazon rainforest fires have attracted considerable reaction on international media and social media. Ecosia’s average number of downloads in one day was 20,000, reaching 250,000 after the fire. If the download rate continues in this way, the company said the number of downloads in August alone will reach 1 million.

Ecosia became the best iOS app in Brazil on Thursday and ranks high in several other markets around the world, the company official said.

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