Easy-to-Make Baby Booty Model with Easy-to-Make (Annotated)

Easy baby shoes with pon-op decorations. We share an example where you can knit baby shoes and finish in minutes. You can knit and finish this example in a short time. After finishing, you can decorate with pom-poms.

Blue and white baby wool
Number 3 skewer

We start at the bottom by throwing 35 stitches to the pontoon booty. Afterwards
1 tooth haraşo,1 increase, 16 teeth haraşo,1 increase, 1 tooth harasho, 1 increase, 16 teeth haraşo,1 increase, 1 tooth harasho weave as. We’re doing the increments from the front of the knitting. We’re making six increment holes. The number of our stitches will be 59. We’re knitting four rows with a white rope. Then we knit the first row on the opposite side of our rope, fold the white weave, weave it on the one hand and add it on the side. We knit six teeth with a blue rope and go 12 rows. In the middle, we knit 11 nooses, 8 teeth, and 8 teeth. We’re adding 11 nooses on both sides of the knitting. We’re missing 16 stitches from the sides. The stitches are 43. We’re knitting 43 nooses, 12 rows of tires. Half of the stitches you put in the knitting we knit 10 teeth. Then we knit the other half. After sewing the paco, we decorate it with a pun.

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