Easy Newborn Baby Vest Made in One Piece

One-piece and easy-to-knit newborn baby vest. Looking for an easy vest model for newborn babies, this example is for you. This vest, which you can finish making in a very short time, is made up of one piece.

Let’s count the materials used. Yellow baby wool, size 3 knitting shish and button will be required.

The baby starts knitting his vest at the back. We knit 60 nooses for the back of the vest. The entire vest is knitted as harosha. We’re knitting 42 rows of harosha until seat vomit. 4 in the seat of the knit. and 5. we’re exorcising the noose together. We cut five stitches one by one for the seat. The number of stitches is 50. We knit 50 nooses until we get to the back of the back of the vest. We’re cutting 20 stitches from the back of the backof the back. We’re going back to the front of the shoulders with 15 stitches. We knit the shoulders of the vest with 15 stitches until they reach the collar. On the collar, we increase 10 stitches. It’s the 10th anniversary of the vest’s collar. We’re knitting his noose straight. From the side, we increase one stitch one by one. Again, we increase 10 stitches one by one, and our number of stitches is 35. We’re weaving 35 nooses into the harosha. We sew our buttons with two buttons on the collar.

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