Easiest Quilling Samples to Make

Handicrafts are arts that require skill and patience. One of the handicrafts that needs to be processed carefully and which can result in great work is quiling. We told you in our previous article. In this article we will talk about the easiest quiling examples to make.

In quiling art made with colored paper, you can bring out the figures you want. It is necessary to be patient in this handicraft, which resembles the art of wire breaking, which we call filigree art. It’s easy to make, but it takes time. You have to be careful when shaping paper curls with quiling apparatus. You can see and get inspiration from dozens of the easiest quiling examples in our gallery. You can decorate trays, mirrors, frames with examples of paper filigree and give these hand-crafted eye-watering special items to your loved ones.

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